Add member

Add a new member by:

  1. In the control panel click on "Update members" followed by "Add new member" dashboard_update_members dashboard_new_member

  2. Fill in the form, you can even now indicate which existing groups the new member should belong to by marking the respective checkbox in the "Add to groups" section new_member_full_form

  3. The new member will now receive an invitation email containing a short message and an activation link that the member must click to activate their connection to your organization account. If the member does not yet have a personal account, this will be created at the same time. If the member does not click the activation link, the invitation expires after 1 week and a new meeting invitation must be created to complete the invitation.

  4. When the member, by clicking on the link, has activated the invitation, the member receives a new email to this effect as well as login instructions with a temporary pin code if a new member account was created at the same time. You who invited the member will also receive a short email that the member has activated the invitation. The new member is now ready to start accepting meeting invitations.