The service includes the following functions:

  • Responsive; works with all screen sizes, however, for some parts a tablet or computer screen is recommended
  • Embed the service in your existing CMS, for example to work with the parts where a computer screen is recommended
  • Modern language support with language library, new languages are added as needed
  • Create and update organization accounts, possibility of limited free accounts
  • Invoicing via e-invoice or e-mail (PDF invoice)
  • Limits on the number of users linked to organizational accounts via a licensing system
  • Invite and update members
  • Central management of personal accounts, changes to the account automatically update all affected functions and registrations in linked organizational accounts
  • Import list of members including group events
  • Different privilege levels for members in different organization accounts
  • Create and update member groups
  • Create and update meeting invitations
  • Create anonymous meeting invitations where other meeting participants are not listed in the meeting invitation
  • Register and update meeting attendance via link in the meeting invitation or as logged in to the system
  • Compile and export attendance lists
  • Mandatory multi-factor login to personal accounts with "remember me" login function