Embed in your CMS

Although MÖTE.AX is responsive and works on all screen sizes, we recommend that certain functions that contain a lot of information are preferably run on a computer screen. It is of course possible to load the service as it is in the computer's browser, but you can also use our JavaScript library free of charge to embed MÖTE.AX in your existing CMS.

Do this:

  1. Download the JavaScript library to your computer. Latest version 1.0 can be found here .

  2. Unzip the zip archive

  3. Upload the JavaScript file to your website

  4. Include the JavaScript file in the HEAD section of the page(s) where the shortcode is to be used (you can include the JavaScript file in all your pages without using any shortcode in the page)

  5. Use a shortcode according to to embed the service in the page embed_short

  6. The embedding is a responsive iframe that you can easily style if you want by adding css to the shortcode according to image below, more info can be found in the JavaScript file embed_long

IMPORTANT! Your Content-Security-Policy (CSP) HTTP Security Header settings “child-src” must allow iframes from the URL you use for MÖTE.AX (unless specified "https://mote.ax "). Read “Content Security Policy (CSP) Quick Reference Guide for more info.

The service is available in several languages and you can, regardless of the default language setting for the organization account, specify another language in the embedding that matches the language the page in your CMS uses. The language choice is specified with "/Lxx" in the URL of the service, for example English is specified as "https://mote.ax/Len". For other languages, go to the service's login page and click on the respective flag to get the desired language code.

Please contact our support if you need help with this.


[moteax link="https://mote.ax/Len"]