Import members

Import members by uploading them with a CVS formatted text file that you can for example create in Excel. The file should have no header line, have one member per line without enclosing " in the fields, and be organized according to:

First name; Last name; email; groups

The field "groups" is a comma-separated list with the group id(s) to which each member should belong. The group list is not a requirement and can be left blank, group affiliations can be adjusted afterwards.

Example: Albin Smith with email must be in the groups with id 2, 3 and 6 + Harald Blåtand with e-mail must be in groups 2,3 and 7



Always check that there is a sufficient number of free licenses for all members to be imported (shown in the line "Registered members/user limit")

  1. In the control panel click on "Update members" followed by "Add new members" dashboard_update_members dashboard_import_members

  2. Create a list as above and upload it via "Upload CSV" import_members_full_form