In the app

To register meeting attendance via the control panel:

  1. In the control panel click on "List attendance" dashboard_list_attendance
  2. Select the meeting where you want to register attendance dashboard_list_attandences
  3. Select by your name in the list under "participants"; if you are an administrator, you see all participants in the list and can update any of them, if you are a regular member, you only see your name in the list meeting_list_attendences
  4. Add a new meeting attendance by clicking "Add +" (you can add multiple meeting attendances if needed, save each registration before opening a new one)
    • Enter the start and end time you attended the meeting
    • Enter number of kilometers and number of people who rode in the vehicle if own vehicle was used
    • Tick the box "Other" if you have other travel expenses, send relevant receipts etc. to the email address at the checkbox
    • Click "Save"
  5. You can change an existing registration by changing the relevant form, or delete an existing registration by checking the box next to , and clicking "Save" attendence_full_form