MÖTE.AX is a unique service that offers meeting management with attendance registration and is primarily created as a complement to existing group calendar systems such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace etc with a focus on the public sector, the service can of course be used in all areas where its functionality fulfills a need .

MÖTE.AX solves the following problems:

  1. As a rule, calendar applications do not follow the existing standards and therefore work poorly when applications from different suppliers must work together.

    MÖTE.AX is compatible with all common calendar applications on the market that support updates via e-mail and therefore acts as a bridge between users in different systems and environments, which is the case with, for example, elected officials in public activities.

  2. Most calendar applications are single-user systems that may have some support for multiple users to manage the same meeting, but this often requires complicated settings from IT support.

    In MÖTE.AX, all members with the right to create and update meetings have access to all meetings in their organizational account, which creates important flexibility and efficiency.

  3. In many meetings, the participants must register attendance, which can be in several rounds during a meeting when a member has to leave temporarily for some reason, which in public contexts must be recorded. Members can often also receive travel compensation for the number of kilometers and according to carpooling, which is usually solved by checklists on paper.

    MÖTE.AX includes a function that takes care of this so that the entire procedure takes place completely digitally, each meeting invitation always contains a link to a form for meeting registration without login. Meeting registrations can also be registered and updated in the control panel and can be compiled into reports that can then be downloaded as an Excel list or PDF.

  4. In public activities, trustees are replaced regularly, which often means that large amounts of people must be moved into or out of the calendar system and groups, which is resource-intensive as existing calendar systems often lack functions for bulk management of members.

    MÖTE.AX includes an import function where new members can be easily imported into the system complete with the group affiliations they will then have. The import list is in the CVS format and can easily be created in, for example, Excel.

    Existing members that are to be removed from the system must be removed one by one, but this is done with a few button presses, the members are also automatically removed from the groups they belong to. However, deleted members remain in current attendance records and retain their personal accounts (only the link between the personal account and the organization's account is removed). Personal accounts that are not used for 1 year are automatically deleted by the system.

  5. In existing calendar systems, groups accessible to several calendar administrators often have to be created by IT support, in many cases it is complicated to connect external members (members who do not have an account in the local calendar system) in groups.

    In MÖTE.AX, all created groups are available to all members who can create calendar invitations. Groups can also be part of other groups, although we recommend restraint due to rapidly increasing complexity.

  6. In existing systems, all invited meeting participants are listed in each individual invitation, which makes it possible for the calendar systems to collect data about which people participate in various meetings. This is a problem when it comes to data collection for advertising and other profiling.

    MÖTE.AX includes the option to create anonymized meeting invitations where the invited participants only receive information about who is convening the meeting, the calendar systems cannot therefore collect data about the rest of the invited meeting participants.